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If you dig Mr. Walters' illustrations, you should check his COMICS, as well as other doodles and such in the OTHER PROJECTS section. Highlights include a series of BOTTLE CAP PORTRAITS, CREEPS, RECENT PAINTINGS, and the 4x6x365 gallery.

T-shirts and other items designed by, and featuring the illustrations of Mr. Walters can be found in the Garage Sale section.


Comments: The Creeps started out as a series of portraits drawn on pieces of a promotional cube of paper. My first idea was to tape them all (about 50 in total) on the front of my desk facing my fellow designers to creep them out. Imagine dozens of creeps looking at you blankly. I later went on to give them names and character traits that you can check out here. You can even download icons of them, as well as buy books and a font I made with them.