Are you like all "Yo, those caps are off the hook! I wonder if that Mr. Walters guy would make me one?" No? Really? Well, if you are one of those rare oddballs out there that wants to own your very own piece of Mr. Walters artwork, let me hook you up. Just send me a bottle cap and one slim U.S. dollar (per cap) and I'll do a custom bottle cap portrait just for you! Come on, you know you want to send your bottle caps to:

Mr. Walters
Attention: Bottle Cap Portrait Department

P.O. Box 1178
N. Riverside, IL 60546

Every work day between three and four my energy levels begin to drop. The remedy is a quick walk to the store and a soda. It has become a ritual of sorts, and as part of this group of activities, I have begun to draw little faces on the bottle caps with an fine point Sharpie. Here I have collected these little funny portraits, and will continue to add to this gallery as more pieces are completed.