We love to hear from you all via e-mail, but we must insist that you please keep the following in mind when e-mailing us here at Nerfect Worldwide:

1. Please refrain from sending large files and attachments. We have a rather sluggish internet conection here at Nerfect HQ and large files are sometimes trouble. If you really, really want to send us something gigantic, e-mail us first with the details of what it is and how big it is.

2. Please don't add us to your e-mailing list without our permission. We'll just ask you to take us off later if you do.

3. Please don't send us anything you wouldn't send your mother. People's tastes are their own and if you can't send it to the woman who gave you birth without being disowned then you should probably keep it to yourself.

4. E-mails with subjects such as "Your Document", "Those Pictures", "Hello", and so on are pretty much deleted imediately without a second thought. Also anything with "Re:" before it is trashed too. Why? Because pretty much all of it is spam. If you want us to read your e-mail, keep this all in mind and be creative with your subject lines. Using the words "wombat", "grok", "Karl Malden", "Mr. Walters is SUPER AWESOME HOT!", and such in the subject line insures we'll open it.

5. If your subject line is complete gibberish like "P%$@#!^//hH9((" or the ever popular "66??Q@@>H>&>:;(", we will delete it without reading it. I want to be nice, and able to read your e-mail no matter where you're sending it from, but if it appears as complete gibberish how can we?

6. Please don't forward us jokes, funny news items, get rich quick schemes, chain letters, important health information, etc. Unless it is relavent to something here on the site, we really don't need it.

Thank you for reading this, and we hope to hear from you very soon.