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The 2002 holiday season, I shipped out my fair share of packages, and I had to cut down many, many corrugated cardboard boxes. A result of this activity was a healthy pile of cardboard scraps.

I soon found myself drawing silly illustrations on the stuff, and then inspiration hit me. I started to cut out these pieces and mail them off as postcards to various people I know.

As I did this, I realized that many would be damaged or altered in shipping by the post office. You see, the U.S.P.S. in my involuntary collaborator on these pieces. It is only through their handling (or mishandling) that the works are "finished" and delivered to their new owners.

Collected here in this gallery is a sampling of this work. Each piece is shown as it looked before I dropped them in the mailbox. For a brief time, I will offering the public the chance to become a part of the art-making process. Several of the unfinished pieces will be put up for auction.

In the future, I hope to get images of the cards after there completion through the postal service up here on this site. Until then, browse my gallery by clicking on a image above, or by following the links below.