When I posted this drawing in my 4x3x365 '07 series, I mentioned that I would endeavor to post some pictures from the experience. By "experience", I am referring to a party (described in great detail here) Mrs. Walters and I attended where amongst other things we prepared a number of dishes that didn't look like what they actually were. For example we brought waffles that Mrs. Walters had engineered out of crab and turkey... One set was crab, the other turkey.

Here are those promised pictures with notes describing the culinary action. My only regret was not taking more pictures as this posting represents a mere portion of the dishes that were served that night. I will have to be more prepared if we do this sort of thing again.

Above: Mrs. Walters inserting a crab-based mixture into a special waffle iron designed to make waffles that aren't really waffles.

Above: The turkey-based waffles half way through the cooking process. Now, you might assume that this is the same special waffle iron from the previous picture, but it is not. This one is specially designed for turkey.

Above: Some of the finished turkey waffles. All that is needed now is a bit of mashed potato "whipped cream" and a waffle-appropriate fork.

Above: Another amazing creation of Mrs. Walters, dessert hot dogs crafted from Twinkies and Chic-o-sticks and a bit of frosting. Brilliant and delicious!

Above: The hostess of the party made this fantastic meatloaf cake. The "ketchup" topping it was actually a raspberry frosting. She also prepared cupcakes that were in fact little delicious meatloaves.s topped with mashed potato frosting!

Above: The first part of Mrs. Walters' ice cream speghetti. Please note that this was actually soy ice cream.

Above: With raspberry sauce, a chocolate icrecream "meatball" and coconut for grated cheese Mrs. Walters' ice cream is complete, and absolutely delicious!