Now, for all you creative types out there, you might be thinking about altering my model here and put your own character on it. Normally I would try to discourage this kind of thing, and then start tossing out all the legal jargon about copyrights and all that, but not this time fellow artists.

Granted, I do ask that you observe the copyright on the Mr. Walters model available here. Please don1t take off the legal notes on the model, put your name on it and put it on your website like you made it from scratch.

The thing is that I¹m putting up a second PDF to download here. It contains the actual model guidelines without all the Mr. Walters artwork. You can take this file and do with it as you please, just make sure to give some credit to Mr. Walters and on your revised model.

For once in a lifetime, Belgium¹s loss is your gain! I recently submitted a piece to a Belgian art magazine called De Fish, but unknown to me, a similar piece ran in a previous issue. I threw something else together for the magazine, but I was left with the original piece I had sent. I thought it was a pretty keen project, so I have decided to distribute a slightly altered version of it here on

What I am offering to all you sophisticated bipeds is a paper model version of myself, Mr. Walters. Huzzah! Just download the PDF*, print it out, cut out the pieces, do a bit of folding, and assemble the model. It is just that easy, friends!

Then you can sit the little guy on top of your computer monitor or use it as a lovely table centerpiece. Having your very own Mr. Walters around your home or workplace will definitely make you super-savory. Well, that or you¹ll have to answer the following question all day, ³What is the deal with that shaved orangutan you got there?²

* You might need to download a version of Adobe Reader in order to open and print the PDF.

Mr. Walters Model PDF
Model Template PDF