The wife and I love wax museums. Wešve been to quite a few over the years, domestically and abroad. There is just something about them. The better ones' figures seem so lifelike it gives you the willies, and the bad ones decaying old characters are interesting in their own unique way. It is rare in our travels when we pass one up.

On a trip to Nashville, Tennessee years back we went to the Music Valley Wax Museum. It is a plain-looking structure from the outside. The front walk is lined with the handprints of country music stars of days gone by.

After paying we entered the museum through a pair of unassuming doors. The interior is a darkened, wood-paneled labyrinth defined by wooden display booths. Inside them are exhibited wax figures of the legends of country music. The place has seen better days. Many displays and figures had started to fall apart and have been hastily repaired. A bit of duct tape holds Johnny Cash's collar up, and inside darkened booths partially melted wax figures were hidden.

Here are pictures from our journey into this weird world. You can move through them by clicking on a thumbnail on the left or by using the arrows that appear beside the pictures.