01 | 30 | 13 > SHORT BUT SWEET

Hey folks, it's your old pal Mr. Walters back at you again. Since last time, things have become a bit more manageable. I'm still busy, but there is a finer balance between client work, filling orders, my own work, and keeping an eye on the beasts that live with us.

I'm happy to say that I'm up to date with my 4x6x365/13 drawings, and you can see them right here. Sure, it's a small helping this time, but I'm trying my best to get back on a regular updating schedule.

I've also posted a new Picture of The Week. I'm still not sure if I want to continue with this feature, but what is the harm really? Check it out.

Well, that is pretty much it for now. Until next time, have a Nerfect time.


Oops! I goofed again. Things have been busy and my schedule got the better of me, and I fell behind. We're up to date now, and I hope not to be this bad for the foreseeable future.

One of the things occupying my time recently was exhibiting at the Beckman's Handcrafted show, which was focused on artisan crafted items and which was part of a larger gift show for retail buyers at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. It took some preparation to get things ready and operate for the four days, and I had to juggle quite a few projects in order to make the time for the show.

Now, I wish I could report that I will have goods in scores of new retail venues around the Middle West, but we did pretty good and met some folks who seemed really excited about what Nerfect had to offer. Meeting those enthusiastic folks made it all worthwhile.

Moving along, as some of you may know, I have a daily drawing project that I've been working on since 2005, and I usually aim to post the latest drawings once a week. Well, I hate to fall behind on these weekly posts, but it couldn't be helped this time, but I'm happy to announce that I've posted all the latest 4x6x365/13 drawings, and you can see them all, beginning with the first of the new batch right here.

I have also posted a new Picture of The Week, documenting a small portion of my experiences from the past week. Make sure to backtrack and see the weeks we missed each other.

I think that is it for this time around. Again, I'm sorry about the delay and am trying my best to keep up with things here on the website. Until next time, keep it Nerfect y'all.

| 09 | 13 > TODAY'S SPECIAL

It is nice to be on the old schedule again. For a few weeks there, everything was a complete mess. Anyway, it is Wednesday, and good ol' Mr. Walters has some new stuff for you to look at.

Let's begin with my new series of daily drawings, 4x6x365/13. It is somewhat like previous years, but you know, a bit more current. You can see the latest drawings here.

I have also posted a new Picture of The Week. This feature may not be around much longer, but until I make a final call on it, enjoy them while I'm still posting them. Kind of a cliffhanger now isn't it?

Well, that is it for now. It is all kind of short and sweet this time around. Enjoy.

| 04 | 13 > HERE WE GO AGAIN

It's pretty dorky to even discuss why the updates are late again, especially when I'm only one that it seems to bother. Let's move on. I have some new things for you to look at.

Well, 2012 is over and with it, so is my 4x6x366/12 series. You can see the last drawings of the collection, beginning with this one here. Oh, and with 2013 well under way, I have a few initial pieces for the NEW 4x6x365/13 series. Yup, and you can see them, beginning with this drawing over here.

I also have a new Picture of The Week for you to look at. I'm not quite sure if I want to continue with these in the new year, but until I make a definite call on it, I'll keep on with the ritual. Honestly, there are so many other places online that I post way too many wacky pictures on a regular basis, so check out the Nerfections section.

I think that is it. It's really late as I type this, and I should probably go to bed. So long my friends. See you soon.