Wednesday, June 6, 2007, the horses hit the streets of Oak Park, Ernest included. I got a chance to go check them out and find our horse the night after they were put up. If you want to check the horse out, go to the intersection of Euclid and Lake in Oak Park.

Unfortunately, our horse suffered a bit of damage being set up, including some cracking and paint being scraped off the pole. The fastening to the concrete base was a bit on the loose side as well, and as a result it isn't the safest thing to climb on. When I found the horse, it had a sign warning to not sit on it taped onto it. I fired off some e-mails and the horse is a bit more secure now, and I've also touched up some of the missing paint.

The following shots were taken on Saturday, June 9, and when I arrived to touch paint up and take these pictures, I discoverd that some balloons had been tied onto the pole.