In our delightful offers for stickers, we require that visitors send a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order to get one. Thing is, we have found that many folks just don't seem to know what this means. We get letters sent to us addressed for the give aways, but there isn't anything inside. There have been a few times we've gotten self-addressed envelopes with no stamp. There was even a stamped-envelope without an address, and there was no return address on the outer envelope. So we thought we should add this section.

When the specially-breed, envelope-opening toy poodles in our give away department open your envelope they sould find an empty, unsealed envelope with your name and address on it, as well as a current, first class stamp. A regular letter-sized envelope is fine for our current offers. The stamp you attach to it should be of the same value as the one used to mail the envelope to us. Got it? Good.

If you send us a proper self-addressed, stamped (with the right postage) envelope, there should be no reason we can't rush a premium your way. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to walk the poodles.