I know you've asked yourself this or something very similar, and maybe you've tossed on a foxy eastern European accent onto that inquiry. Do you want to know how I know this? Simple. You're here reading this.

You've looked this website over and either you just can't wrap your brain around it or you have some deep-rooted desire to find out why this website was created and what drives its continued development. Maybe you're a little ashamed. Please don't be, curiosity is a good thing? Plus I noticed that after I mentioned "foxy eastern European accent", you went back and read the headline with one? Very foxy, I like.

On a basic level Nerfect.com is the creation of artist and designer Britton Walters (a.k.a. Mr. Walters.) It is a forum in which he can display his work to a larger, worldwide community here on the internet. A majority of his projects (since the site's creation) end up being showcased here on Nerfect.com, but what, you may ask, is the purpose of this?

Like many artists and designers, Mr. Walters knew that having his work up online meant that potential clients and employers could easily review it as their leisure, and in their underpants. This fortunately is only part of Mr. Walters' motivation to create Nerfect.com. The other aspect of Nerfect, that makes it much more than a standard portfolio website stems from Mr. Walters' background in 'zines and self-publishing. Oh the stories he could bore you with.

Nerfect counts as its predecessors cut-and-pasted photocopied fare, publications created to fill a void. Nerfect is the kind of website, like those 'zines, that Mr. Walters wishes he could find more of. It is also a living, breathing, growing thing that becomes much more with each subsequent weekly update.

When people ask what Nerfect.com is about, the answer as you might expect can't be easily summed up. Sure, it is one part irregularly-updated professional portfolio, and another part gallery and distribution point of personal work and projects, but it is a little bit more. It is very much Mr. Walters.

When trying to decide if maybe separating the professional and the personal sections of this site would be a better strategy, an opinion was formed. There is no real way of dividing the two factors, and if a client is exploring the option of working with Mr. Walters isn't it better that they know what they are getting into? Sure a few gigs have been lost when potential clients begin to explore Nerfect.com outside the portfolio section, but would you want to work with anyone who didn't respect you as a whole?



The word "Nerfect" is one half of the famous Spoonerism "Pobody's Nerfect." This folk motto has made its way onto mugs, cross-stitch patterns and novelty wall plaques, featuring an owl hanging from a branch upside down. It is also a kind of quality I strive for. It is not just good enough to do an adequate job on something, you must add that extra little twist to take it to a new place. Mr. Walters strives for nerfection in everything he does. Naturally his website would be Nerfect, too.