It had been a long day at work. I had just had a lot of logos for a new product shot down, and now had to go back to the drawing board. Luckily I had been on a roll and had generated a lot of great work (at least in my mind) and got it in a day before it was due. There was still time to create new logos, but it was still kind of a drag to have to start the whole process over again.

Now, because of nature of the industry I work in, I can't go too deep into what the whole project was all about, but a certain aspect of it involved the concept of sight. Back at square one, I was left to ponder the idea of vision again, and as I sat there with my eyes closed I began to doodle won a nearby piece of paper. I really wasn't thinking about this activity. Needing to recollect my thoughts, I had closed my eyes, and when I begin to think about a project I often doodle things out to get things moving. To do both at the same time suddenly struck me as an odd combination. I wasn't even looking at the marks I was making. What an odd concept. I decided to perform an impromptu experiment.

How well could I draw and write without looking? I closed my eyes and began to draw a series of sketches. In my mind I tried to keep track where my hand was and the marks I was making, and was amused by the results when I looked at the drawings.

I have collected these quick doodles here on the site for all to see. I hope you enjoy them.